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Victory: 0% Draw: 0%

Victory: 0% Draw: 0%


1) Select pocket cards for two players by clicking on them.
2) Click count if you want to see the odds of winning without a flop.
3) Select the flop (3 cards on the table), then click the count again to see the result.
4) You can also choose a turn (the 4th card on the table) and see the chances of winning in this situation.
5) Use the clear button to reset the results and maps.

The principle of the calculator

Here you can count odds (oddts) to win with any hand 888 poker . You can simulate the situation both preflop and flop and turn. There must be at least two players in the hand. Chances can be calculated for the game Nl Holdem and PL Omaha. You can also embed a poker calculator on your website via the widget. The calculation of the chances of winning is made for two players. It is possible to calculate the chances of starting hands, playing the flop and turn. The calculator works by the Monte Carlo method, the calculation error is 0.1 - 1.5% per 1000 hands.

Poker Challenge Chart

Combination Chances Cumulative
Royal Flush 0,0032% 0,0032%
Straight flush 0,0279% 0,0311%
Four of kind 0,168% 0,199%
Full house 2,60% 2,80%
Flush 3,03% 5,82%
Straight 4,62% 10,4%
Three of kind 4,83% 15,3%
Two pairs 23.5% 38.8%
One pair 43,8% 82,6%
High card 17,4% 100%
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